Editor’s Note- September 2013

Note from the Editor

Welcome to the new school year!  Now that has a month has passed, and everyone is settling back into the rhythm of school, it’s time for the first issue of the Bolt to be released.  For freshmen (and those upperclassmen who are still unaware of our existence), the Bolt is Edison’s school newspaper.  We publish new issues every month, and our articles can range in topic from school activities to Abraham Lincoln to the varieties of mutant tigers and beyond.  In essence, the Bolt is a medium for students to write about things that interest them, a medium for students to share their passions with the rest of the school.  There are practically no restrictions on what kind of article you can write, and we encourage our writers to experiment.  Anyone can write an article, and even if you’re scared that your writing isn’t up to par, we’ve got experienced editors to help you.  The Bolt provides a perfect environment for students looking to grow as writers.  And on top of it all, colleges love to see that you’re an active participant in a school newspaper; it demonstrates intellectual curiosity, responsibility, and a willingness to get involved in your school.  So even if you missed our booth during Club Rush, don’t be afraid to come to a meeting and try your hand at writing.  Just listen to the announcements, and the next issue of the Bolt could very well contain an article written by you!  And lastly, as always, we at the Bolt want to thank the people who take the time out of their busy lives to read the articles that our staff writers have put so much effort into creating.

Welcome back Chargers, and hope to see some of you soon,

Christopher Yin



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