How to Accomplish the Best Looks for Spirit Week

How to Accomplish the Best Looks for Spirit Week by Nicole Drotning

Bell Week is coming up, and that means one thing. Well, other than the actual game, of course- the spirit dress up days. Here is the schedule for spirit week:

Monday- Pajama Day
Tuesday- Fountain Valley Nerd Day
Wednesday- To Be Announced
Thursday- Halloween Costumes
Friday- Green and Gold

Start the week off right by coming to school in your best pajamas. Even though they’re just pajamas, they’re still expected to look as great as possible. This is the one day where all students are encouraged to look lazy and like you just rolled out of bed, so take advantage of it. Next is the ever-so-popular Fountain Valley nerd day. This is your chance to show how nerdy the Fountain Valley students truly are; make sure to embrace it. Bring out your best glasses and suspenders, and work them well. For Wednesday, the dress up day has not yet been determined, so we are awaiting the final decision. Then, there’s Thursday, which coincidentally falls on the 31st– Halloween. Some may be lamenting that Halloween is on a week day, but this is a good thing. Now you can wear your Halloween costume to school, and show off just how amazing and/or terrifying your costume is. The last day, Friday, is all about green and gold. Find every piece of green and gold clothing you own, and wear it all. We want everyone to be wearing so much green and gold that you can see our school from space.

With that said- Edison, get ready to show your Charger pride, and start preparing your amazing outfits for the best spirit week to date.


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