The Great Debate: iOS 7 versus iOS 6

The Great Debate: iOS 7 versus iOS 6 by Alicia Christian

The term “iOS” should sound familiar to those who own or know someone who owns an Apple product. Apple’s “iOS”, or Inter-network Operating System, is the software that runs Apple’s iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and other related systems. With a vast majority of Edison students owning at least one of these Apple products, it is interesting to consider the most recent Charger opinion on the latest iOS software. Apple has been gradually releasing new iOS updates since its development and initial release in 2007. iOS 7, the most recent advancement, is the most dramatic revision yet. The striking differences between iOS 6 and iOS 7 have led Apple users worldwide- Chargers not excluded- to be split in debate over the new, and questionably improved, software.

On one end of the debate, some people claim that the iOS 7 is too extreme. The new update has been observed to make people literally sick, with reports of vertigo and motion sickness that experts claim are the result of the zooming animations that accompany the opening or closing of apps, as well as the screen’s sharpness. However, the issue of motion sickness has been addressed and counteracted with the iOS 7.0.3 bug fixes released on October 22, 2013, which gives users the option to change app transitions to a gentler cross-fade.  To access this feature, simply hit Settings / General / Accessibility / Reduce Motion.

As for the younger generation, most Edison students are ultimately in favor of the new design.  Primarily, Chargers are happy with the addition of the animations and parallax effect, which gives the illusion that the screen has multiple layers. The “reduce motion” ability mentioned above can ease up the intensity of the three-dimensional appearance, but it still does not completely diminish the effect. Alterations now give the camera the ability to take several photos at once. The problem encountered with this otherwise-promising feature is that it has been found to have trouble focusing; this is especially crucial, seeing as many people use their Apple products as their personal camera.

On the other end of the debate, some claim iOS 7 to be the best software ever released.  Users of the iPhone 5 have found that their iPhone functions faster, and that the iPhone overall has a brighter, more organized format. Functionally, everything still runs the same as with iOS 6, but the icons for apps now have a minimalistic design that pairs well with all the other visual modifications. One of the most praised updates of iOS 7 is that there is now a control center that allows for easy access to utilities- e.g. flashlight, calculator, and timer- and also to Wi-Fi, airplane mode, brightness, and sound controls. The ability to automatically update apps each time a new version is available is one perk that no one seems to oppose.

One can only ponder the potential advancements for the next iOS. While polls taken at Edison indicate that about four-fifths of all students are in favor of the newest software, Edison’s student body is not necessarily indicative of Apple’s entire customer base. The general debate over whether or not iOS 7 is better than iOS 6 may never be definitively resolved. However, one thing can be certain- it’s like having a completely different phone.


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