Fantasy Gifts

Fantasy Gifts by Jameson Thies

            What do you get somebody who has everything? This is the question that multimillionaires and billionaires ask themselves every Christmas, because they and their families already have nearly everything they could want. Fortunately for those stuck in this conundrum, Neiman Marcus sells gifts for the ultra-wealthy called Fantasy gifts. This year’s list contains eight very unique items that range in price from $11,000 to $2,640,000.

The first item on the list is an exercise bike called the Ciclotte. It is crafted with premium materials including fiberglass, steel, and carbon fiber. Priced at a mere $11,000, the Ciclotte is the least expensive item offered by Neiman Marcus this year.

The next item is a model of Jeff Koons’s Dom Pérignon Balloon Venus. Koons is a famous artist who worked with Neiman Marcus to create a limited number (650, to be exact) of these elaborate champagne holders for sale in the Fantasy List. The object itself is a metallic-pink, balloon-shaped take on a 25,000 year old fertility goddess. This is the second-least expensive item on the list, coming in at only $20,000.

For $30,000 you can purchase a one night stay in an architectural icon known as the Glass House. This was designed by the late visionary Phillip Johnson, and is located in the city of New Canaan, Connecticut. As the name suggests, all panels in the building are made of glass. And if the prestige of overnighting in this vitreous edifice isn’t enough, the package deal also includes a dinner for up to ten friends.

The next most-expensive item is the Bespoke Falconry Companion. This set includes everything you need to care for and control a pet falcon, including several perches, an ostrich leather glove, multiple hoods, various leashes, and kangaroo anklets, plus (of course) a backgammon set and a couple of chairs. Everything is crafted from the finest material, and as a result this gift is priced at $150,000 (falcon not included).

The next item is the most practical- a limited edition Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. This convertible sports car has a 100% carbon fiber shell and a V-12 engine with a capacity of 565 horsepower. The car being sold for $344,500.

Only one of the next item on the list is available for purchase- the “Wild Child” Motorcycle that was driven by biking legend Indian Larry himself. This was the bike created in Brooklyn for the “Biker Build-Off” series on the Discovery Channel; Indian Larry rode it all the way from Missouri to South Dakota, where it was declared the winner of this competition. All of this history and prestige costs a mere $750,000.

There are only two items on the Fantasy list within the million dollar range, and this is one of them:  the Forevermark Diamond Experience.  For $1,850,000, you could go on an international journey to learn about the diamond industry. It starts in London, where the buyer will enjoy dinner with the CEO of Forevermark in the London Tower. He or she also will also receive a raw diamond and meet the craftsman that will hand-cut and polish it to perfection. From there the buyer will take a cruise to the coast of Namibia to discover where the diamond was mined, and afterwards will be flown to New York to design a ring for the diamond.

As incredible as the previous gift sounds, this next one could be even better. Depending on what features you want, it will range in price from $1,600,000 to $2,640,000. It is the ultimate outdoor entertainment system- a television set with a 201” screen that folds and fits into a cylinder that can be placed in the ground. At the touch of a button, the screen rises out of the ground and unfolds to reveal its entire massive glory.

So, this holiday season won’t be bleak for billionaires with up to eight family members who have come to expect gifts this fantastic. Still, while most of the items on the Fantasy list sound extraordinary, you have to wonder- what happened to American culture that made it necessary for the wealthy to buy their friends and family presents so extravagant?  Could they not be content with more standard gifts?  After all- it’s the thought that counts.


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