Fast Times and Steep Inclines

Fast Times and Steep Inclines by Blake Bonnet

            The most important trait in a cross country runner is determination, and athletes at Edison High School certainly do not lack for this trait. Whether you measure an Edison runner’s determination by the amount of time he commits to practice or by the willpower he invests in every race, its magnitude is considerable. And this high level of dedication has paid off: under the leadership of Coach Brian Brierly, this year’s boys’ team produced noticeably higher average team times than the previous year’s. For instance, at Sunset League Finals team time improved from 81:56 in 2012 to 80:24 in 2013. Additional accomplishments of the varsity team include placing ninth at Orange County Championships, finishing third at Sunset League Finals, and qualifying for CIF prelims. Notable individual performances belong to Cooper Kossick, who led the varsity team by finishing first at Sunset League Prelims with a time of 15:45; Jameson Thies, who inspired the JV team by running a PR of 17:56 at Woodbridge Invitational; and Shane Yoshiyama, who cleaned up the frosh/soph League Finals by finishing in third. So, it’s clear that Edison Cross Country has had a fantastic year, and runners can look forward to even brighter outcomes in the 2014 track season.


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