Does Your Music Define the Way You Dress?

Does Your Music Define the Way You Dress? by Emily Gong

Not too long ago, my friend asked me a thought-provoking question, and it stuck with me so much that I guess it’s why I’m here writing this article right now. The question went something among the lines of “Emily, do you think that the music that someone listens to reflects upon what they wear?” Interesting thought, huh? Well I did a little research and here is what I found…

In a 2002 study conducted by the University of Leicester, 2500 Britons were selected to answer a questionnaire concerning their music tastes. The results suggest that the types of genres we like directly correlate with how we define ourselves. According to the article “if you like hip hop and dance…you’re [more] likely to have committed a crime and have tried illicit drugs”.[1] To me, this seemed like a pretty farfetched statement, a potentially erroneous extrapolation. So, I decided to turn to the student body at Edison and see what people here think about this question.

I asked students from different grade levels the following series of questions:

  1. What kind of music do you listen to?
  2. What type of clothes do you wear?
  3. Does the music you listen to influence the way you dress?
  4. Do you think bands/artists directly influence the way their fans dress?

Senior Katie Lee says that she listens to anything; however, indie rock would be her favorite. She usually dresses in dark colors and band t-shirts because “wearing shirts with [her] favorite bands…starts conversations and helps make connections with new people.” Conversely, freshman Max Rivera, who generally wears basketball attire but listens to rap and alternative, says that music does not influence the way he dresses because “I don’t like how rappers dress…it look uncomfortable. It’s all about comfort, not the way you look.”  Another interesting opinion is presented by Meghan Jacinto (Junior), who says that music and the bands that people listen to “tell a lot about them…some people are deeply influenced by it all and will dress like their favorite band or artist… On the other hand, there’s also a chance that a girl that dresses in bright colors can listen to hard rock.” Finally, sophomore Sabrina Vuong says that she would define her style as “very preppy,” yet she listens to “a lot of genres,” primarily “EDM, Hip-Hop/R&B.” She says that the way people dress “depends on the person and their own attitude. For me specifically, my music does not influence my style at all, but I feel like it is common that people dress accordingly with their style, such as grungy girls/guys usually listening to indie and alternative music.”

So, at least at Edison, the music that we listen to doesn’t seem to correlate very strongly with what we wear, but more with how we define ourselves as individuals. The way we dress and the genres we listen to are both expressions of ourselves, and occasionally these expressions do not reflect identical aspects of our multifaceted personalities. And over the course of a lifetime, a person’s tastes in both clothes and music can change drastically. So, maybe the initial question that I posed at the beginning of the article should be re-worded to: How do your music and your clothes define you?


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