Dangerous Chemical Threatens Edison Students

chemicalsDangerous Chemical Threatens Edison Students
By Sebastian A. Locke

There is currently a colorless and odorless chemical out there that is being consumed by people every single day. Widely unreported by the media and virtually ignored by government agencies, this silent toxin remains unknown to the majority of people at risk. Although it contributes to the death of not only thousands, not only millions, but BILLIONS of people it is still legal in countries all around the word. There are even programs supported by the United Nations to attain this dangerous and deadly substance. So, what is this chemical? It’s found in almost every food item available at your local grocery store, is found in nearly every stream, lake, ocean and reservoir on the planet, and a large quantity is currently in your bloodstream. Simply due to its commonality and importance to the economic health of this nation, the American government has yet to ban the production or use of this chemical. To members of the scientific community it is known by many names such as oxidane, hydroxilic acid, or dihydrogen monoxide, but to the common public it is simply recognized as…water.
Yes. Water. Every single individual who has consumed this substance will or has already died. 100% of all serial killers, terrorists, and drug dealers have admitted to drinking water. It is also the leading cause of drowning. So the next time you take a sip from your water bottle- just remember that you are drinking a “dangerous” chemical.


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