Club Spotlight: Red Cross

Club Spotlight: Red Cross
Emi Yasuda

What do board games, charity drives, foreign cultures, and honors students all have in common? They are all related to clubs at Edison! Starting with this issue of the Bolt, we are going to be interviewing club presidents to see what they have to share about their club’s history, upcoming events, and advice on getting involved at Edison!

In this issue, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the most active clubs on the campus, Red Cross! What follows is an interview between myself, and Red Cross president, Madison Feldman.

E: To start off, can you give a general overview of what Red Cross club is about?

M: So this year, our motivation is to try to help other clubs, instead of just the Red Cross, because we’re affiliated with the Red Cross. We run blood drives, and we collect donations for the Children’s Safety Event, which is an event we are going to be doing soon. We’re going to be facepainting there, and then collect toys for them. If there’s any kind of natural disaster we collect money, and we’ll give to organizations that need money. Whatever the Red Cross is doing, the real Red Cross is doing, we try to help through our Red Cross club. My goal this year is to be like a Red Cross for other organizations, so if they need volunteers, we’re going to help out, like with Helping Hand, and the Festive Friends Club.

E: What are some of the major charities you support?

M: We like to give to all charities. Being the Red Cross club, Red Cross is our main charity, but we like to seek out our own charities to give to. Not necessarily in terms of money but more so like service, like this year we have a soup kitchen that every Saturday we’re trying to get people to help out at.

E: Can you tell me a bit about the history of the club?

M: Actually, yes. So, I think I joined two years after the club was created. The president at the time was Alison. She was a senior when I was a freshman. And so she was the president since when she created it in sophomore year. She really wanted to get involved with Red Cross, and she knew about it, so she went to the Red Cross chapter and asked them how she could create a club at Edison. So from then on, it was a club. I joined freshmen year, then I knew her for two years, then she said I would be a good president, so that’s what happened. There’s not too much history since it’s a pretty recent club.

E: That’s awesome, since it seems like it’s been around for a long time. What’s one of the most memorable events you’ve participated in?

M: Well I personally love car washes; I think that car washes are a fun way to raise money and interact with other people. And we also raise a lot of money. Last time we donated it to a hurricane that happened, they needed lots of support so we donated it there. Although I really like car washes, on a deeper level, I liked when we did the Child Safety Event. We got to see all the little toys and give them to the kids; it was really fun!

E: Is that one of the things you’d say your most proud of the club accomplishing?

M: Yeah- We raised a lot of money and gave a lot of toys to the kids.

E: What is one of the best things you’ve learned from being a part of Red Cross?

M: Well, in freshman year I joined like all the clubs, so I chose Red Cross since it seemed like one of the clubs that actually does stuff. I joined other clubs and they really didn’t do that much, but after joining red cross with Alison as president, she had lots of events and I was able to volunteer in lots of different things and I felt like Red Cross was involved more so than other clubs so that’s why Red Cross is different.

E: What advice would you have for a student looking for a club to join?

M: Well, since I’ve done so many and I’ve experimented with so many different clubs, from that I’ve learned what the most effective beneficial clubs are. This is just based off what I’ve thought, my personal preference. I think obviously Red Cross, because I’m in Red Cross, NHS (National Honor Society) because if you have time they sometimes try to help little kids learn how to read, and CSF (California Scholarship Federation), and Best Buddies. I think Best Buddies is a great club for anyone. I think Best Buddies is good for every single person; everyone is welcome at Best Buddies. And CSF and NHS are great if you want to be academic. And if you want to volunteer, if you are that kind of person, you’ll want to go to Lend a Helping Hand, and Red Cross which is our club!

E: What advice do you have for people kind of on the fence about getting out there and getting involved?

M: Do it! Like freshman year, literally no one did any clubs with me. I did it all by myself. I knew I wanted to be involved in school, and I couldn’t play a sport cause I had just had knee surgery, and I was like, “I need to do something!” And so club rush day, I literally signed up for almost every single club and I went to every single meeting I signed up for. I wasn’t just the kind of person that signs up and doesn’t show up. I went to every meeting. I went to like three meetings, four meetings a day. And I met so many people that way, and I think doing clubs definitely helps you meet people. So I think it’s very social. Even if you’re scared, I think you just gotta show up and smile at people, and you won’t be scared.

E: I think that’s a good idea!

M: Just smile. Be nice and smile at people and you can make friends.

Red cross certainly sounds like a great choice for anyone looking to become more involved at Edison. If you are interested in joining Red Cross, they meet every Tuesday at lunch in Mr. Coupé’s room, 136!

Just for fun

E: What would you bring on a deserted island?

M: Well actually, someone told me that the best thing to bring on a deserted island would be chocolate, cause chocolate has antioxidants and all the nutrients that you need.

E: I’ve never heard that before! What is your favorite food that the school sells?

M: Before I was vegan, I really liked the cookies, but now that I’m vegan I like the . . . grapes.

E: Cat person or dog person?

M: Definitely dog person.


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