Club Spotlight: Make a Wish

Club Spotlight: Make a Wish
By Emi Yasuda

spotlightEach year, the Make-a-Wish Foundation helps dreams come true across the United States. With the assistance of volunteers, high school clubs, and donations, Make-a-Wish gives kids with life-threatening illnesses the experience of a lifetime. Children under the age of eighteen become designers, adventurers, and set out on the adventures of a lifetime. In this issue we’ll be taking a look at one of Edison’s newest clubs, Make a Wish!
The following is an interview between myself and Edison’s Make-a-Wish president and founder, Asianna Khong.

E: Could you give a general overview of what Make-a-Wish is all about?

A: Okay, so Make-a-Wish is a club where we help the Make-a-Wish foundation raise money for kids who have life threatening medical conditions from ages two-and-a-half to seventeen. And basically we help them grant their wish so that they can have good memories before they pass away.

E: That’s great- I’ve heard so many great things about Make-a-Wish! So how did you originally get the idea to start a Make-a-Wish club here?

A: Well I was inspired by some of my friends from other schools that were presidents of it, and I decided to do that because I keep coming across the club and the name Make-a-Wish and I was curious about it, like what do they do. I thought it was really cool and so I just decided to do it!

E: What kind of activities are you planning on having, like in general?

A: In the past we had a bake sale, and that was pretty successful. And we have a lot of socials, and we have this international thing that goes on in April it’s called Wish Week and it’s when all the Make-a-Wish clubs come together and we celebrate all the money we’ve raised for the kids. It’s pretty cool.

E: That’s great! Is there a really big community of Make-a-Wish clubs?

A: Yes, there are about 50 schools in the Make-a-Wish Orange County chapter, and there’s hundreds more internationally.

E: Why do you think people would like to join your club?

A: Why? Because we help little kids, and it is just, when you hear stories about how happy they are about their wish being granted, you feel like you did something good. And yeah we’re pretty tight knit and when we go through these experiences, we become closer together. And I don’t know, it’s just, it’s fun!

E: Do you guys get to meet the kids?

A: Usually we can’t. Like we read stories about it and we hear about it but we can’t actually meet the kids, sometimes if it’s a big wish and they need people to cheer the kid on the Make-a-Wish foundation will ask the clubs to go and participate, we haven’t been asked to do this yet but I think there’s one coming up soon.

E: That sounds like a lot of fun. What is one of the things that you’re hoping to accomplish as a club this year?

A: We’re hoping to accomplish making $5000 so we can have a plaque in our advisor’s room, and we would basically be adopting a wish, and that’s pretty much our goal.

E: Wow, that’s really cool. What’s one of the things that you’ve learned from being a part of Make-a-Wish? Or from volunteering in general?

A: I’ve learned how to manage my time efficiently, and it’s helped me to really become a better leader. And it’s helped me to manage my stress level better than usual, so that’s good I guess.

E: I think that’s something we all need to work on! For anyone who’s interested in joining, when and where do you guys meet?

A: We meet every Thursday, Room 129, that’s in the English hall. That’s Mrs. Chlarson’s room.

E: Is there anything else you would like people to know about Make-a-Wish?

A: Join because you’re going to be helping A LOT of kids wishes come true, and it’s just a really great deed for the community.

E: Do more dreams come true than at Disney?

A: Yeah, exactly!
Just for Fun

E: What would you bring on a deserted island?

A: Just one thing?! Food.

E: That’s probably a good idea . . . Cat person or dog person?

A: Cat person. I feel like dog’s are just too much work.

E: What’s your favorite food that they sell at Edison?

A: I don’t eat anything from here, but if someone forced me to eat something, it would be garlic bread. Do they sell that? I just love garlic bread.


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