Robotic Pediatric Surgical Arm Could Change the World of Surgery

Robotic Pediatric Surgical Arm Could Change the World of Surgery

By Kailey Volz


Operating on small children is difficult for surgeons, which is why the Canadian Space Agency was asked by SickKids Centre for Image-Guided Innovation & Therapeutic Intervention to develop KidsArm. KidsArm is the first image-guided robotic surgical arm designed for pediatric surgery in the world. The robotic arm can be used for fetal, neurological, cardiac, and urological surgeries.

The surgical arm can’t be used yet though, as there is still more testing to be done. Currently, it’s being tested at Sickkids hospital in Toronto, Canada. KidsArm is designed with tiny, skillful tools that are able to coagulate, cut, apply suction, and use a laser. Also, it has a pair of hand controllers that use high-precision and incredible imaging to help surgeons find the area of concern. Doing this, they can easily reconnect fragile vessels. It can work ten times more faster and it has more accuracy than a surgeon when it comes to intricate, difficult procedures. For making KidsArm, the team used industrial robots, control electronics, cameras, and haptics. One day, this invention could save the lives of millions of children across the world, and make pediatric surgery easier, and less painful.


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