The Roots of Inequality

The Roots of Inequality
By Emi Yasuda


David Icke has something important to tell us. He is the former spokesman for the Green Party of England and Wales. Have you heard? An alien species called the Reptilians are coming.
By next year, 1% of the world will have more wealth than the entire 99% combined. While we can choose to blame this widening gap on corporate hegemony and austerity policies- we can also choose to focus on the root of the problem- alien invasion.
According to David Icke, they are everywhere. They are our CEOs, our heads of state, our tabloid superstars, and pop sensations. They are among us- shape shifting Reptilian humanoids infiltrating this planet with only one objective in mind- to enslave the masses.
For decades, Reptilians have garnered increasing control over our society. Just six alien-infiltrated media conglomerates control 90% of our media, as opposed to 50 in 1983. Their control extends deep into magazines, newspapers, TV stations, and movie studios, inculcating Americans to subjugate themselves to the reptilian elite.
Over 100 billion dollars have been spent on building the International Space Station (ISS), a supposed symbol of global unity and scientific progress. When the first pieces were launched into space in 1998, the project promised to provide “invaluable research into the delicate construction of novel materials in microgravity and the search for anti-matter.” However, the ISS has made few advances in any of the promised sectors, and much of the scientific community has ceased to support the initiative. How is this benefitting any of the taxpayers whose money funded the project, or any of the world’s 66 million primary school age children who starve to death each year? With just .32 percent of the money used on this project, food could be distributed to them all. So why, then, are resources allocated to a project that has failed to make scientific advances, and may only allow for space tourism for the ultra-rich? Who is coordinating this? The answer lies in Reptilians.
The space tourism plan is all a part of a Reptilian plot to provide intergalactic dominance for the Reptilian elite. After the Reptilians wreck havoc on our planet by enforcing policies destroy our planet, they will soon continue on their quest for inter-planetary dominance.
Using their alien abilities, Reptilians skillfully disrupt human unity. Propagating racist and sexist ideologies, the Reptilians have forced their way up the ladder to world domination, and limited humans’ abilities to unite. Our government, including former senators, congress members, presidents, and business people are almost all descendants from Reptilian clans, small groups who have taken the advantage of humans for only Reptilian benefit. The pretense of royal bloodlines and the divine right of kings have for centuries helped to ensure Reptilian DNA may prosper in this world ruled by Reptilian law and customs.
The pretense of royal bloodlines and divine right of kings have helped ensure Reptilian DNA may prosper in this world ruled by Reptilian law and customs.
Let’s take the initiative to expose what’s going on behind the scenes, and reveal the Reptilian plot. Question what you are told. Stop reading the Reptilian-media. And the next time you hear the radio playing, remember, what you’re hearing could be the voice of the Reptilians.


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