Calling All Volunteers for the Skeleton War

Calling All Volunteers for the Skeleton War

By Colette Connson


I could go into an hour-long explanation of memes to my mother and she would still walk out of the conversation clueless, yet this phenomenon comes to us so easily. While it’s true that memes aren’t limited to the Internet (we all remember drawing the Superman S that transcended elementary schools around the world), one underappreciated star of social media is the skeleton war, and it needs your help.

Leading up to everyone’s favorite holiday is quite possibly the most ironic celebration of October involving the circulation of GIFs and comical images of skeletons accompanied by the tag “skeleton war”, a concept started by twitter user dril who tweeted “if your grave doesnt say ‘rest in peace’ on it you are automatically drafted into the skeleton war” back in 2013. In 2014 there was a boom in references to the amalgamation of bones within all of us. It became powerful, recognizable, respected. It was quickly mentioned by BuzzFeed, which stated, “BuzzFeed, for one, welcomes our new skeleton overlords.” This, quite literally, strikes deep for many, after all skeletons are everywhere. Stripped from our skin blankets and muscle coverings skeletons are our purest forms, remaining after aeons of decay in the form of fossils. Are humans, along with all other animals, truly all memes within? Are we the equivalent of “What Are Those?” or, God forbid, minions?

Sadly, it is best we accept the truth. Walk with me and embrace your inner skeleton warrior. Shed your skin, feel the beat of the Monster Mash, and grab your swords because it is now time to join the rest of enlightened memery and volunteer for the skeleton war.

Also remember to have an amazing Halloween. Trick or treating, or not, stay safe, have fun, watch Beetlejuice, and eat plenty of chocolate because we finally have an excuse (not that not having one has stopped us before). Remember cultures are not costumes, be kind to children, and stay spooky you memeing fools.


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