Join a Club


by Isabella Brodt

Join A Club

It’s one of the best decisions you can make!

With club rush right around the corner on October 13th, it is time to decide the perfect clubs for you to join this year! Why join a club, you ask? It’s the perfect way to make friends, volunteer, diversify, learn, and gain school spirit!

Now, let’s figure out which clubs will suit you best!


CSF – If you want a club where you can learn about colleges and scholarship opportunities, then the California Scholarship Federation is the perfect choice for you! With weekend tours of nearby colleges and all the best collegiate talk in the school, CSF will have you prepared for your next chapter of education in college and beyond.

NHS – All scholarly individuals should strongly consider joining Edison’s National Honor Society. If you meet the qualifications for membership, you will be able to participate in exciting volunteer opportunities all around the Huntington Beach community.

Speech & Debate – If you enjoy debate and politics but cannot fit MUN into your school schedule (or if MUN is just not enough debate for you), you should take part in the Speech & Debate Club. Participate in intense political debates and competitions with other teams from all around California! This club prepares you for a future in politics and improves your public speaking skills.But if debate isn’t your cup of tea, the club also gives you the opportunity to perform dramatic monologuesand your own prose and poetry!

 STEM – Would you like to build a robot? Are you interested in science, technology, engineering, or math? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the STEM/Robotics Club is right for you! Explore fields you are interested in pursuing and have fun with friends while you do it!


Art Club – If art is a passion of yours, you should join the Art Club this year! Practice painting, sketching, cartooning, and much more with others who share your artistic passions.

 B-Boy Club – The best break-dancers in the school are part of the legendary B-Boy Club. Usually meeting in the English hallway, this club entertainingly interferes with passers-by and practices the newest moves. These dancers even performed in an assembly last year, which was a most enthusiastically talked-about event. Join the B-Boys for 2015-2016 and share the fame!

 Photo Club – Do you have a keen eye for photography? If so, join Photo Club run by Emi Yasuda. This club meets every other Thursday at lunch in room 306 where you can learn fun photography tricks, and meet the photo teacher, Mr. Quay. The unique projects and fun members always make for a great time.


Key Club – This is an amazing service club that volunteers efforts for land restoration and community involvement. Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in room 301. Not only is Key Club great for the community, but also for the students because of the great members and service.

KIWIN’S – Another awesome community service club, KIWIN’S meets on Thursdays at lunch in room 226. The super friendly board and wonderful members welcome all new students with open arms and introduce them to volunteer opportunities in our community.

SAVE – These animals-lovers volunteer weekends at the local animal shelter by walking dogs, cleaning kennels, feeding the animals, and more. If you would enjoy working with animals, then you should join the Student Animal Volunteers of Edison!

 Someone Cares – Raising awareness for disease research, providing joy and fun for children in need, and fundraising are just a few things what you can do in the Someone Cares club. Volunteering time to help others in need, this club is a great opportunity to improve generosity in the community.

Red Cross  Every Tuesday at lunch Edison’s Red Cross Club meets to share cookies and discuss plans to volunteer all around the local community. If you join, you will get the opportunity to become part of one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world, and raise money for those in need.


Best Buddies – Run by Isabella Brodt and Jordan Augsburger, this club helps establish friendships between students in both the general-ed and SAC programs. It meets Fridays at lunch in the cafeteria, where members participate in exciting activities and friendships flourish. Also, you don’t want to miss out on the annual Best Buddies Prom! Always the best time!


Bolt Newspaper – Have you enjoyed this article? Has this publication of The Bolt sparked an interest in journalism for

you? If it has, then you should join the Bolt Newspaper! Meeting every other Tuesday at lunch in room 129, this club prepares the school newspaper and helps you cultivate a great journalism portfolio.


Ice Hockey – If you would like to leave it all out on the ice, then maybe you should join the Edison Ice Hockey Club! Open to both boys and girls, the Ice Hockey members play in competitive tournaments against other tough teams. Join the excitement and play some hockey!

 FCA – The Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets on Wednesdays in the gym for spiritual discussion and athletic association. This is a great club to join if you enjoy sports, religion, and (free) pizza (and other food)!

Girls Beach Volleyball – If you can’t get enough of Edison’s fabulous girls indoor volleyball, then you should also try out the Girls Beach Volleyball club! Participate in exciting tournaments at the beach against other volleyball players in the area while enjoying the sun, sand, and ocean all at the same time!


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