Fruit of the Month

Fruit of the Month

by Hanh Nguyen


This delicious fruit is shaped in pods, with a pungent scent, and hints of fruitiness. Found in almost any Asian grocery store, the flavor can only be compared to a unique blend of apple, pineapple, mango, and banana! What is this tasty treasure? JACKFRUIT! A part of the mulberry and fig family, jackfruit is believed to have originated in the forests of India, and can be found all over South and Southeast Asia. The jackfruit is also the largest tree-borne fruit. It’s larger than a mid-sized dog!

With a fruit this big, slicing it requires a special method. On the inside of the jackfruit, where the fruit is not located, there is a sticky substance meant to store the jackfruit’s nutrients. This substance will get stuck to the knife, making the ordeal quite messy. That’s why cutting a jackfruit is best done outdoors to prevent making a mess inside. Also, since it is so large, a fairly large and sharp knife should be used to cut through its tough skin to access the edible portions.

While jackfruits may be the most horrifying-looking fruit around, they’re certainly worth a try. Despite the work it takes to cut through their thick defensive skin,you can be certain it’ll be delicious.


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